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Invite Jeanie to come play at your School, or book a Virtual Zoom or pre-recorded program for your little learners! She also provides residencies and in-service training for your teachers! 

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(Concerts are Solo or with Jelly Beans Band)

Now you can bring Jeanie B!'s unique brand of music into your Classroom year round with video music programs for little scholars! Become a member today to unlock all the great educational musical fun! Single Songs and Short 20-30 minute programs available for year round themes that tie into curriculum and seasonal lesson plans. Don't go a day without a song! 




"Fun, charming, heartwarming, delightful! Your presence and positive energy were electrifying! "

Kingsley Elem School PTA 



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Year Round Programs for young scholars! 


Jeanie also does residencies, in-service for teachers and much more... 

Learn More about the Jeanie B! Rock Star Membership!

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